Contact Us!

Perdita and her translators want to hear from you, and Perdita is quite proud that she has Perdita Whacknoodleher own email.

So, send her an email about your dog. Is he a Whack–and how do you know?

Or . . . is she a Noodle? Are you sure?

Maybe she’s a more normal dog–the ones Perdita calls “Smiths.”

Got a picture to send us? We’ll post it in our WhackNoodle Gallery! Be sure to tell us your dog’s name, and whether he (or she) is a Whack (active dog), a Noodle (thoughtful dog), or a Smith (a regular dog).

Just email us so we’ll know what you are thinking. And if you have a question or comment for Perdita’s translator, we’ll see that it gets to the right human. Maybe Laura can even ask Perdita what she thinks.

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