WOW! The Human Siri LOVED My New Book!

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerIt IS Christmas, so I should expect miracles, don’t you think?

Well, a MIRACLE has happened.

This one is about my latest book–The Christmas Hayride of Doom. I modestly admit that it is a wonderful book about my most adventurous dog father, Par, and his efforts to bring Christmas cheer to the people of Dahlonegee.

But–guess who likes my book??!?

The human person who is Siri in the iPhone! That’s who.

You can read what she says right there in the reviews about my book. It is amazing. BK5 COVER_Thumb 179 by 269

Now, as a dog, I do not have, nor need, an iPhone or any of that stuff. I have a human staff to take care of me, but humans get very, very excited when their iPhones talk to them.

(I don’t understand humans. Who does?)

Lately it has become known that the Siri in the tiny little iPhone is really a human person named Susan Bennett. You probably saw her on TV not long ago. It was in the news everywhere.

And NOW this human person, also known as Siri, likes my book! I know because she wrote a review that says so!

I am a very honored dog-author. When you talk to Siri on your iPhone, tell her that I sent big woofs of thanks. VERY big woofs of thanks.

That will make her happy.

And if you get my new Christmas book, which happens to be FREE until the Saturday after Christmas, YOU will be happy, too.

Who is telling you that you should get my book?

Siri is telling you to buy my book!!

How about that? Not bad for your humble dog-author.

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1 Response to WOW! The Human Siri LOVED My New Book!

  1. Charles Mahan says:

    Clever stuff. Did you hear about the new movie “Her,” about a Siri squared entity? Sounds worth seeing. How do you make money off free books? Merry Christmas anyway, Charles

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