Can I Read Perdita’s Books Without a Kindle?

Perdita's Book on Kindle FireWhat if you don’t have a Kindle but you’d like to read Perdita’s stories about her wacky dog family and learn about her secret dog wisdom?

No problem!

You can download a Kindle app–FREE–for any computer, tablet, or phone–or you can read Perdita’s books in your browser from any computer, anywhere. Here are the links to get the Kindle Reader for your device. (And once you’ve installed the FREE Kindle reader, you can be reading Perdita’s deepest thoughts in about a minute!)

Here’s Amazon’s FREE Reader Download page. You can quickly get a free Kindle reader for any of these devices:

Your browser–and read about Perdita in the cloudPerdita Whacknoodle Book Cover on a PC

A tablet–to learn all about Par Whack’s adventures on your iPad or other tablet.

A computer–either PC or Mac–to find out some of Perdita’s secrets about “The Glorious Language of Bark”

Perdita's Book on iPhone Kindle ReaderAn iPhone or Android phone–to travel anywhere with all Perdita’s made-up words of wisdom.

(Of course, when you have the free Kindle Reader, you can read thousands of other books . . . but Perdita really thinks you should read hers first.)

She promises that you’ll never look at the world–or dogs–the same way again!

And you don’t even have to have an actual Kindle. . . because all these apps are free!

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