Tomorrow My Christmas Book is Free! And Friday! And Saturday!

Perdita WhacknoodleIt’s almost Christmas and I have a brand-new book with two of my family’s favorite Christmas stories. Inspiring and uplifting. (And filled with explosions!)

I convinced my scribe to make the book somehow FREE as my gift to the whole world because I am a dog who is filled with the spirit of Christmas.

So, he tells me that on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and again on Christmas Day, the book will be free for your Kindle. Can you imagine!

Now, since I am a dog and I wrote the book, I don’t need a Kindle, or Klondel, or Kratchel or whatever you call it. But humans do, since I can’t beam my thoughts into EVERYONE’S brain (which is your loss, of course.)

If you have one of those things, or the Kindle app (whatever THAT is!), my scribe says that you can get my Christmas stories FREE for those days. I am absolutely,Perdita Whacknoodle Christmas Book Cover two-hundred percent, completely positive that you have never heard a Christmas story like these unless you are part of my family. And if you are, you wouldn’t be reading my blob.

SO, tomorrow, or one of those other lucky days, paw your way to Amazon and download, or reload, or upload, or somehow confabulate my book onto your Kindle device.

Is it for children? Yes! BUT I believe adults need it even more. My scribe says adult humans chortle out loud when they receive my wisdom. Of course, I hope you will read it aloud to your dog, too.

You’ll never look at a group of singing dogs the same way again. Or a big bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy.

I promise.

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