It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s . . . a Flying Watermelon

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerAh, the Fourth of July is here. Fireworks! Concerts in the Park! Picnics with glorious food and easy access for a wonderful snatch-and-run or even a quick grab-and-go. No dog goes hungry at a Fourth of July picnic.

Certainly not dogs in MY family!

But my dear father, Par Whack, who is so often misunderstood, resolved to make Par WhackDahlonegee’s Fourth of July Concert in the Park EVEN MORE special. AMAZINGLY special. The people had never seen anything like it because there had never BEEN anything like it.

I can’t say too much, but he formed an elite squad of creative dogs, and they added a dimension to the band concert that took the music to new highs.

They added color and excitement to the evening that caught the entire town by surprised and caused gasps of astonishment . . .  AND SO MUCH MORE.

It won’t be giving away secrets to tell you that Mr. Wimpy was NOT happy. NOT happy at all . . . but he never is when Par is nearby.

You’d think that adding so much color and excitement to the concert would be enough, but Par’s artistic mind never rests, and he and his band of dogs (who called themselves “The Flying Vegetable Squad”) had one more surprise for the already-surprised citizens.

Before THIS night was over the audience at the concert was in a most-excited state of shock and awe.

BECAUSE . . . and youBK2_CH14_2_FINAL‘ll be excited to hear THIS–Par and the dogs capped off the evening with a flying watermelon!

When Par’s artistic imagination is unleashed, wonders will always follow!

Picture, if you can, a beautiful evening with a giant green watermelon shooting high up into the sky, seeming to hang there for a long time, and then descending to land with a SPLAT in the most perfect place you could imagine.

I can’t tell you where it hit . . . but ParThe World According to Perdita Whacknoodle: The Flying Watermelon of Doom said he couldn’t have picked a more perfect spot if he’d tried.

And, GUESS WHAT? This book, The Flying Watermelon of Doom and Other Stories will be FREE from today until Sunday! (I think my scribe has lost his mind, but he believes in sharing . . . and he wants happy children and adults everywhere to be able to read all these inspiring stories from your favorite dog-author.)

Want to know more? (And the “Flying Watermelon of Doom” is just one of the family stories in this book?

It’s FREE today through Sunday! Right here!

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