Hooray! My Book is STILL Number One–and STILL Free!

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerChristmas has gone, and I am STILL a happy, happy dog-author.

That is because thousands and thousands of people around the world have gotten my new Christmas stories for their Kindles (or Klondels or Klondikes or whatever you call those things).

And the book has been NUMBER ONE on Amazon for most of the last week. So, I am therefore an EVEN happier dog!

I am still so filled with the Christmas spirit of giving, that my wonderful Christmas stories, over which I labored many long nights, and which revPerdita Whacknoodle Christmas Book Covereal secrets of my dog family for the first time, is FREE.

Oh, my scribe thought I was a crazy dog-author to want to GIVE AWAY the book, but, after all, it’s Christmas and I wanted to give a gift of happiness to the world.

So I did! And the world giggled. I can hear people enjoying my book all over the world (because dogs have better hearing that you humans. Of course.).

I don’t bother with numbers–why should I?–but my scribe keeps up with such trivial things, and HE says that today, December 26, will be the LAST DAY for humans to enjoy my book free.

Of course, my wisdom and wit is a bargain at ANY price, if you ask me, buThe Twelve Dogs of Christmas Canine Carol Singerst I’m such a happy dog that I wanted everyone to know about Par and his adventures with spreading and enjoying Christmas cheer.

Maybe humans can learn from Par. I certainly hope so!

And, I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas (with lots of steaks and chops) . . . and that if you read my Christmas stories (or my other, longer books), you feel rewarded and enlightened.

And tickled, too.


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