A Christmas Poem from a Dog Poet

When Par (the dog)Performed at Christmas

(Inspired by my new Christmas book and my dear father, Par—the most wanted dog ever*)

When Par performed at ChristmasThe Twelve Dogs of Christmas Canine Carol Singers

Some said it was most dangerous,

Others thought that it was hazardous.

But I would say,’spontaneous,



Because when Par saw Christmas

Was already upon us,

His plan to share was glorious,Farmer Fires a Shot at the Dogs

But, alas, it turned out hazardous–

At least to dogs—’twas quite a fuss!

(We hid while shots flew o’er us.)

Oh, it was quite a Christmas,

(I think it will be infamous!)

And so I wrote down numerous

Tales. (I’m quite industrious.)

They say my book’s hilarious,

I think it’s deadly serious.

My books are most illustriousPerdita Whacknoodle Christmas Book Cover

Especially now at Christmas!

So . . . Are my stories glorious?

Hilarious? Or generous?

You’ll see they’re not monotonous!

For a very happy Christmas!

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