Want Something Free for Thanksgiving? How About a Book?

Perdita WhacknoodleWell, I’ve been gone a long time from this blog, and I’m sorry. But you know how busy it is being a dog, not to mention being a successful dog-author, and there are many demands on my time. But I won’t complain–I’m a cheerful dog.BK1 COVER_1200x1800

So, I’ll just tell you. To celebrate Thanksgiving, and my upcoming TWO new books, my very first book The Thanksgiving Pageant of Doom is FREE from now until Sunday! The humans say that is December first, but, whatever—it’s FREE.

AND, I believe it is now number two in my category on Amazon. (Of course, what category could be more important that ‘Children’s Dog Books,’ I ask you.)

So thousands of people are about to be introduced to my amazing family, and my outlaw-dog father, Par Whack, and I believe their human lives will be better for it. After all, I enlighten and enrich, and most of all, I try to teach humans to be as happy as dogs!

In THIS book, his main adventure takes place at the school Par WhackThanksgiving Pageant, and here’s where Par Whack meets Mr. Wimpy, the school principal, for the first time.

Wimpy and Par do NOT like each other, and it gets worse in each of my books.  Mr. Wimpy is very plompous, and he struts around giving orders. Mr. Wimpy

But not to Par! NO ONE gives orders to my dear dog father. You’ll see! Here’s a picture of Mr. Wimpy, so you’ll know him if you ever meet him.

Of course there are many more stories in The Thanksgiving Pageant of Doom to enjoy. You’ll meet Uncle Bookie Whack, Uncle Einstein Noodle, and Cousin Rip van Noodle. And you’ll learn all about the most amazing dog family in the world–the Whacknoodles!

If you, or a child you know, likes dogs, and likes to laugh, then click this link and visit Mr. Amazon’s store for my incredible free book. While you can!

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  1. Reblogged this on Year 'Round Thanksgiving Project and commented:
    I really enjoy Perdita Whacknoodle books – now is a great chance to get the Thanksgiving Pageant of Doom for FREE!

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