Black Friday? How About Black-and-White Friday?

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerI see that humans are berserk today, rushing around and talking about ‘Black Friday.’ Oh, they say they are getting bargains on more and more stuff. Where will they put it all?

I think they would be happier if they just read my books, and since I’m a black-and-white dog, you might say I have a Black-and-White offer for you today.

It’s much better than the Black-Friday bargains in the stores that make people fight over a crock-pot or a stupid TV.

My black-and-white Friday deal is a FREE book for you.

No need to camp out in front of the store. No need to rush inside. No need to assault your fellow shoppers over the last Play Station. No need to act like a lunatic.

Not at all. To get THIS deal and enjoy the wisdom of the Whacknoodle family, to read about Uncle Bookie, Einstein Noodle, Uncle Rip van Noodle, and my dear outlaw father, Par Whack and his first-ever mega-turkey-snatch, you just visit Mr. AmazonPerdita's Book on iPhone Kindle Reader‘s store and The Thanksgiving Pageant of Doom will magically appear on your Kindle.

I’m a modest dog, you know, but my book is STILL number one. I think I can safely say that reading it will be more fun than fighting other humans for a parking space at the mall.

Yes, I’ll just call it Black-and-White Friday!

And I hope you’ll join me in what I believe is the bargain of the century–no driving, no parking, no lines, no wait. No money required, either.

Just laughs.


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