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Black Friday? How About Black-and-White Friday?

I see that humans are berserk today, rushing around and talking about ‘Black Friday.’ Oh, they say they are getting bargains on more and more stuff. Where will they put it all? I think they would be happier if they … Continue reading

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Want Something Free for Thanksgiving? How About a Book?

Well, I’ve been gone a long time from this blog, and I’m sorry. But you know how busy it is being a dog, not to mention being a successful dog-author, and there are many demands on my time. But I … Continue reading

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I Am A Poetic Dog. A Thanksgiving Haiku

Some days I feel proseish (but not prosaic!), but today I am inspired by what happened in my dog bowl today, so I burst forth with a perfect Haiku. Some say I am bragging on myself but I do not … Continue reading

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A Word About Mr. Wimpy and Par

When you read my books, you will soon learn about Mr. Wimpy, the principal of the school in Dahlonegee. He is sort of fat, and very pompous, and he does NOT like dogs. That, of course, means that we dogs … Continue reading

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