A Dog Quote To Remember. Perdita Gives a Bark-Out

My humans are fans of a properly named restaurant in Gainesville, Georgia. A person of obvious wisdom called it the Two Dog Cafe, although even one dog would have been enough, if you ask me.

I believe these humans are wiser than the average, because they always have a brilliant, and helpful, A wise saying about the wisdom of living with dogsobservation about us dogs posted on the wall.  And it’s in a nice frame which gives it the respect such an idea deserves.

My humans find great inspiration in this, and I am giving a bark-out to the exceptionally discerning humans who know our place–which is obviously a place of esteem, and who celebrate dogs this way.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon have a statue of a dog out front. If they need a model, a perfect canine head, I am available. For a small fee, of course.

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