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SOME Humans Get It—I Have Proof!

You know I am a dog-author (and a famous one, I should add). But I do depend on my lowly human scribe to do the trivial part—the mere typing and all that easy stuff. I continue to do the hard … Continue reading

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Abandoned . . . For Lasagna! Should I Be Mad?

Hello, world! I, Perdita Whacknoodle, your favorite dog author (I’m sure) have been quite absent from my blog for several weeks. I will explain, but I am not happy about it. As you know, I am a very thoughtful dog … Continue reading

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New Words For All. Free!

As you know if you read my books, I am a dog on a mission to uplift and educate humans. This is a big task, even for a dog of my abilities. I chose a young human to be my … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Seen a More Noble Dog?

If you read my books and this blog, you know how important my dashing dog father, known far and wide as Par Whack, has been in my development as a thoughtful young dog writer. Par is a true hero. A … Continue reading

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What SHE Said!

As you know, I am a dog author. A deep thinker who does not mind sharing my thoughts with humans as I try to uplift them and teach them how to be more like dogs. I do have a staff … Continue reading

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Watch, Play, Learn!

Once again, my human scribe was in his favorite restaurant–the one with the brilliant name.  Two Dog Cafe. And he saw a bit of human philosophy that he shared with me. I must admit I had a chuckle when I … Continue reading

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The Wisdom May Have Come Through a Human, But . . .

I’m not a dog with an ego, even though I think I’m one of the best dog authors around. I spend hours every day under my bush, deep in thought and contemplation, working on my ideas and stories. Then I … Continue reading

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Snatch a Steak, Save a Life . . . Or Two!

As you know, I’m a dog who cares about my friends and family. So I’ve been concerned about their health, and how I might help them avoid illness. I’m just that kind of thoughtful dog. Of course, I sometimes think … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Nice To Think So?

As a prolific dog author, I am always alert to what is going on around me. I believe it’s much like the way Mr. Hemingway or Mr. William Faulkner gathered their material. Watching and listening. And thinking, of course. So, … Continue reading

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It’s Not Real Food . . . But It’s Nice

Look what I found while walking through the neighborhood! A very pleasant bowl of bones for us dogs do enjoy. Fake bones, to be sure, but it’s a nice thought, and even fake bones are edible. Just when I despair … Continue reading

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