Hello! Hello!

“Hello? Hello? Hello!”

Those were the very first words Perdita said to Laura on that day when Perdita first started transmitting her thought-particles directly into Laura’s brain.

“Hello? Hello? Hello!”

It’s a long story, to tell youPerdita speaks to Laura for the first time the truth, but from first that afternoon (when Laura was TRYING to do her math homework), Perdita has been an almost constant companion to Laura.

(Of course, no one else knew that Perdita was transmitting her thoughts into Laura’s brain–because Laura was sure people would think she was crazy. Wouldn’t you?)

Anyway, that’s how it all started and Laura quickly learned that Perdita isn’t like ANY other dog you’d ever meet.

That’s why she started writing down all Perdita’s thoughts, lectures, wacky ideas, and wackier stories about her family.

And THAT is why there are now books called The World According to Perdita Whacknoodle. You won’t find her books in your bookstore, but they are easy to get for your Kindle (or a Kindle app on your phone or computer).

Perdita claims to be the world’s smartest dog. We’re pretty sure she’s the most talkative, and she NEVER is shy about sharing her opinions.

And she may be the world’s most unusual dog, too, with never-ending stories about her crazy family–the Whacks and Noodles. Apparently, there isn’t a normal dog in her family tree, but Perdita thinks they are all wonderful, no matter what crazy things they do.

When you’ve read her books, let us know what you think.

Have YOU ever met a dog like Perdita?

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