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What SHE Said!

As you know, I am a dog author. A deep thinker who does not mind sharing my thoughts with humans as I try to uplift them and teach them how to be more like dogs. I do have a staff … Continue reading

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Happy New Ear? I HOPE So!

As your dog author and commentator, I try to point out odd things that humans do. Of course, there are SO many odd human things that I hardly know where to begin, but I will point out what I have … Continue reading

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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

Twas the Week Before Christmas By Perdita Whacknoodle Dedicated to my dear father, Par Whack—the most adventurous dog In the world ‘Twas the week before Christmas, And all over the world, People reading my books Find their brains in a … Continue reading

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I’m a Dog—So Why Do I Write Books?

I have heard humans mutter about my writing. They wonder why I do it, and some of them even think that I do NOT really compose my own works! Imagine! Did Eudora Welty have to endure such comments? Does John … Continue reading

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Why This Dog Loves the Weekend

My translator and I have been discussing my love for the weekend. And my excitement at Christmastime. He says I am a lazy dog and that weekends are no different to me than any other day. Now, how would HE … Continue reading

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Hello! Hello!

“Hello? Hello? Hello!” Those were the very first words Perdita said to Laura on that day when Perdita first started transmitting her thought-particles directly into Laura’s brain. “Hello? Hello? Hello!” It’s a long story, to tell you the truth, but … Continue reading

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