Another Poem About A Day In My Dog Life

Perdita WhacknoodleYou know I am a dog writer of books, and sometimes I am even a poet. And you know what they say–writing poetry is hard because you have to sweat over every word to be sure it’s perfect. (Of course dogs don’t sweat, so I pant over every word.)

Like other great poets, I write profound verse about the mundane things of everyday life, looking for inspiration where I can find it. I hope this will uplift you and brighten your day. At least it is something to ponder.

As I gazed into my bowl this morning, I thought about the vast emptiness and the lack of fulfillment that comes from wretched dog chow.

And then I dreamed a dream! And a poem came forth . . .

I think that I will never see

My dish, as full as it should be.

The mush that is within it heaped,

Makes me depressed. I just want beef!

If you like my poem, let me know . . . and send me some beef! I can’t be inspired by this mush they give me around here.

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