I Am A Poetic Dog. A Thanksgiving Haiku

Perdita WhacknoodleSome days I feel proseish (but not prosaic!), but today I am inspired by what happened in my dog bowl today, so I burst forth with a perfect Haiku.

Some say I am bragging on myself but I do not see it that way. I think my poems are better than those of any other dog author I have read. Let me know if you find one who is better and I will sit at his or her paws and learn. Here is my poem for today, as I reflect on the empty-dish conundrum.

My dish, with turkey

Filled. A dream before my eyes.

I lunge. Poof! All gone.

That’s what makes us writer dogs different. We notice things. We are sensitive.

I hope you enjoyed it. Please share with your dogs. They will understand.

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