Dogs Rule? Isn’t That Obvious?

Dogs Rule signIsn’t it obvious?

It certainly is to me. Of course, I’m a dog, so I have the advantage of seeing the world more clearly than humans, who are obsessed by trivial things like “jobs.” Obsessed!

But isn’t it obvious that we dogs have human staffs to attend to us? To feed us and provide for our creature comforts? Isn’t it obvious that attendants feed us and provide nice, soft beds?

Isn’t it obvious? Really!

Too many humans, who frankly aren’t the brightest candles in the labras, have it all backwards. It’s for this reason, of course, that I took the time from my busy schedule to compose my very popular Dog Manifesto.

It sets forth, in easy-for-humans-to-grasp clarity, what our roles are. And our respective duties, and yes, we dogs DO have duties, too.

But I do suggest, as a quick and constant reminder of our respective places in the firmament, that humans post a sign like the one pictured here in several locations around the home. Perhaps the kitchen, bathroom, living room and yard would be good for a beginning. And, on the dashboard of the car, of course. When you see the sign repeatedly, you’ll eventually catch on.

We dogs know it’s hard to train a human, especially one older than about 10 human years.

But repetition helps. Eventually you humans will get it.

Dogs Rule!

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