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SOME Humans Get It—I Have Proof!

You know I am a dog-author (and a famous one, I should add). But I do depend on my lowly human scribe to do the trivial part—the mere typing and all that easy stuff. I continue to do the hard … Continue reading

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Abandoned . . . For Lasagna! Should I Be Mad?

Hello, world! I, Perdita Whacknoodle, your favorite dog author (I’m sure) have been quite absent from my blog for several weeks. I will explain, but I am not happy about it. As you know, I am a very thoughtful dog … Continue reading

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New Words For All. Free!

As you know if you read my books, I am a dog on a mission to uplift and educate humans. This is a big task, even for a dog of my abilities. I chose a young human to be my … Continue reading

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What SHE Said!

As you know, I am a dog author. A deep thinker who does not mind sharing my thoughts with humans as I try to uplift them and teach them how to be more like dogs. I do have a staff … Continue reading

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Watch, Play, Learn!

Once again, my human scribe was in his favorite restaurant–the one with the brilliant name.  Two Dog Cafe. And he saw a bit of human philosophy that he shared with me. I must admit I had a chuckle when I … Continue reading

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The Wisdom May Have Come Through a Human, But . . .

I’m not a dog with an ego, even though I think I’m one of the best dog authors around. I spend hours every day under my bush, deep in thought and contemplation, working on my ideas and stories. Then I … Continue reading

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Isn’t It Nice To Think So?

As a prolific dog author, I am always alert to what is going on around me. I believe it’s much like the way Mr. Hemingway or Mr. William Faulkner gathered their material. Watching and listening. And thinking, of course. So, … Continue reading

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If They’d Do This to a Human, We Dogs Better Watch Out!

My human scribe and I were walking through the neighborhood when we spotted this demolished sign in the middle of the road. According to my scribe, it says State Law: Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalk Or, at least that’s what … Continue reading

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Could Reading My Books Save Your Furniture? I Think So!

I keep my eyes open as I go about my daily life, and gather material for my books, and for this blog, of course. I am an especially observant dog. So, when I saw this displayed, it made me think. … Continue reading

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“TGIF??” What Difference Does THAT Make?

I’ve noticed another funny thing about humans. They seem very interested, almost obsessed, with what day of the week it is. I have heard them say things like, “Oh, no–it’s Monday!” Is there something wrong with Monday? Or, they have … Continue reading

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