The Cat Did It!

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerWhat else could it be?

My faithful scribe, the human, carefully transcribed my poem, ‘Twas the Week Before Christmas‘ today and put it on this blob, or whatever you humans call it.

We wanted to share my poem about Christmas and bring seasonal cheer to the world.

But my scribe found out that secretly, some very strange hieroglyphics or gibberish or so-called computer code found its way into my pristine poem. How can you read a poem that has gibberish in it? (Or . . . maybe that is not a question I want to consider too deeply. . . )

I am also a dog detective, so I searched for a clew. How could this happen? What went wrong? My scribe faithfully wrote my dictated poem. He doesn’t even speak computer-talk, so he was not capable of polluting my poem.

As I paced the room, pondering how this could happen, I strode by the window and WHAT DO YOU THINK I SAW?

A cat. That’s what!

A black cat sitting outside the window, smirking at me.

At once, I knew what had happened. The cat had let himself into my scribe’s study and added secret code–probably something most nefarious–to my pristine poem.

Only a cat would do such a thing. What else could it be?

As I said in my first book, look deep into a cat’s eyes. Do they look friendly and warm like a dog’s? I think not! Cats come from The Heart of Darkness. The horror! The horror!

I congratulate myself. Another mystery solved.

As I said, what else could it be?

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1 Response to The Cat Did It!

  1. Sandra Gibson says:

    I have to congratulate Perdita on the breadth of her work. The link to her book info, with the recent blogs and tweets along the right margin is very impressive.

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