The World Did Not End . . . But All Is Not Well

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerI heard a lot of humans wondering if the world would come to an end yesterday–something predicted by the Mayos a long time ago.

It did not happen, which is good because there is lots more to eat during the holidays, judging from the smells coming from the kitchen.

Which reminds me of my new, currently free Christmas story, “The Christmas Tree of Doom.” My dear father, Par, simply was following his nose, and trying to get a better view of the feast when disaster struck. Sometimes, following a scent doesn’t quite work out as well as you plan. Even for Par.

But, good news! Par kept his head, even in all the confusion, which shows the benefiPar Whackt of all our family knowledge and traditions. “Always be prepared.” is our motto. Also, ” A roast beef in the mouth is worth more than roast beef on the platter.”

In my family, we have lots of wise sayings like those. That’s why we are such special dogs.

You would think I’d be happy that the world did not end, and there are exciting, succulent smells coming from the kitchen, but alas, all is not well.

When I went out for my morning patrol of the big back yard this morning, WHO do you think I saw? The evil, nasty, mean, awful, horrible, no-good, devilish, black cat, that’s who!

He was sitting outside the fence, mocking me. He smiled a horrible smile, and gave me that condescending cat look. So I gave him a piece of my mind.

Then, I checked the gate carefully. Tragically, it was locked.

But . . . one of these days . . . one of these days . . . when the cat least expects it, my humans will forget to close the gate.

And THEN someone’s world will come to an end if I have anything to do with it! For that awful cat, the Mayos will finally be right!

So . . . even though I am filled with warm feelings of good cheer for Christmas–and with rising excitement from all the wonderful kitchen smells, all is not rosy in the Big Back Yard.

But, at least I have a plan! So now I can go back to patrolling the kitchen.

Because, all the incredible feast smells make me glad that my world didn’t end!

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