He Just Wanted to Spread Christmas Cheer, But . . .

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerIf you have read my latest book, which is FREE right now on the Kindle due to my scribe’s bizarre idea of marketing, you know that my dear father, Par, wanted to bring Christmas cheer to the people in the town of Dahlonegee.

It was Christmas, and Par was filled with warm Christmas spirit, as you probably are, too.

So, he simply gathered the best dog singers he knew, Uncle Elvis, Whizzer, and Woofer, and formed an elite canine singing group. They called themselves “The Twelve Dogs of Christmas.”christmas carnage2 web

Their plan was noble, but because some humans (hint: Mr. Wimpy) didn’t have a good ear for music, things didn’t go so well.

Here are some photos that show exactly what Mr. Wimpy’s yard looked like after “The Twelve Dogs of Christmas” finished their concert. Deflated Santa Blow-Up

And the dogs were wonderful singers, too! Uncle Elvis is well-known all over town for his wonderful, penetrating, high voice, and he was singing his heart out that night to spread Christmas cheer.

What could possibly go wrong?

As you can tell, Mr. Wimpy was NOT filled with Christmas spirit at all, but that did not keep Par and his friends from singing anyway–still trying their best to bring Christmas cheer to the nchristmas carnage WEBneighborhood.

Want to know what happened? It is exciting, I can tell you. (I can tell you because I wrote it, you know). There is a lot more to the story, and you can find out right here, FREE from now until Saturday (12/22) night!

As Par would say, “Merry Christmas to All! Now Watch This!”

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