MORE Proof! SOME Humans Get it.

Like any writer, human or canine, I keep my eyes open as I travel.

Sometimes, my human friends help by making pictures of important things, like this sign.Dogs walk web

I love the Two Dog Cafe, and so does my human scribe. The food, of course, is great BUT the dog-appreciation is even more inspiring. It’s philosophy at its best.

Sadly, it is rare to find humans who appreciate the superiority of dogs. I don’t know why, and I write books to explore this them. After centuries of evidence, you’d think the truth would dawn on the two-leggers, wouldn’t you?

But, at Two Dog Cafe in Gainesville, GA, the humans get it! Spread the word and believe the message!

Dogs rule! (Or . . . we should!)

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1 Response to MORE Proof! SOME Humans Get it.

  1. Marcela says:

    Lol. That is so true.

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