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What Would a DOG Know About Christmas Spirit?

As a dog-author, I am a keen observer of my surroundings. I watch. I listen. I think. I sniff out the story, you might say. So, at Christmastime, I am extra alert, because all the humans seem to go crazy. … Continue reading

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Deck the Halls? NO! FLECK the Halls! And with FREE Books!!

I am, of course, excited about giving YOU a free copy of my new book of Whacknoodle family Christmas stories, and I want to tell you about one of the best parts. My very adventurous dog-father, Par Whack, thought it … Continue reading

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They’ll Never Forget The Christmas Hayride of Doom!

I, your dog-author friend, have a happy announcement that, I believe, will make your Christmas brighter, your spirits happier, your steps easy and your burdens light. At least that’s what I think my book will do for you! They say … Continue reading

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New Words For All. Free!

As you know if you read my books, I am a dog on a mission to uplift and educate humans. This is a big task, even for a dog of my abilities. I chose a young human to be my … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Seen a More Noble Dog?

If you read my books and this blog, you know how important my dashing dog father, known far and wide as Par Whack, has been in my development as a thoughtful young dog writer. Par is a true hero. A … Continue reading

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My Best Stories . . . Free for Just A Little While

As you know, I am an esteemed dog-author, and I have strong opinions. My mission, which I accept, is to help raise humans to the level of dogs. It’s very difficult since humans are slow learners, but I don’t give … Continue reading

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“TGIF??” What Difference Does THAT Make?

I’ve noticed another funny thing about humans. They seem very interested, almost obsessed, with what day of the week it is. I have heard them say things like, “Oh, no–it’s Monday!” Is there something wrong with Monday? Or, they have … Continue reading

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What Humans Can Learn From Dogs–Barking Up the Phone Tree!

One of my themes, as a dog writer, is that humans should learn from dogs. Oh, of course humans are sadly limited, and sometimes there’s not much they can learn but it’s our obligation to try to help them. So, … Continue reading

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Editing, Schmediting. What’s With the Comma Obsession?

OK, I am a dog. A dog-author, to be exact. My methodology is simply to transmit my thought-particles into my translator’s somewhat limited human brain. Then he does all that busy-work to turn my pristine thoughts and stories into books. … Continue reading

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MORE Proof! SOME Humans Get it.

Like any writer, human or canine, I keep my eyes open as I travel. Sometimes, my human friends help by making pictures of important things, like this sign. I love the Two Dog Cafe, and so does my human scribe. … Continue reading

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