What SHE Said!

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerAs you know, I am a dog author. A deep thinker who does not mind sharing my thoughts with humans as I try to uplift them and teach them how to be more like dogs.

I do have a staff to help me–I call him my scribe. I have written before about how he sometimes pretends to have “other things” to do, and how he sometimes takes a long time to “edit” my books.

As if they need “editing!” Indeed!

Well, another nice human who has a blog about all kinds of books, called the Readful Things Blog, has interviewed my scribe about my books. I guess that’s OK, and I’m glad for him, but you MUST remember that he gets his inspiration direct from ME, Perdita Whacknoodle.

Here is my scribe’s interview. I must say that, for a human, he did OK. I trained him well, don’t you think? I mean, for a human, he’s coming along nicely.

And the nice lady who operates that blog clearly appreciates dog wisdom because she’s spreading the word about my books!

What could be better?

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3 Responses to What SHE Said!

  1. Kira says:

    This is so clever! Loving Perdita’s wit!

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