The Literary World Is About to Explode

Some say I am an arrogant dog. Others say I am delusional. I know . . . I have heard the comments.

Perdita WhacknoodleBut talk doesn’t bother me because I am, as far as I can tell, the smartest dog in the world. And, obviously, all dogs are smarter than humans–that’s why we have humans to wait on us, of course.

Finally, at long last, the wait is over. Or almost over. Because my scribe says he has finished “editing” my first two books (which are about my attempts to educate Laoorel and help her become a smarter human). In my opinion, the books were already perfect as I dictated them, but he keeps muttering about “commas.” As if THAT’S important!

My books are mostly stories about my large and exceptional family and the amazing things we do. Adventurers, explorer-dogs, wise dogs, talkative dogs, and the world’s first “most wanted” outlaw dog! There is much to learn from my stories, I can tell you.

Soon, these books will be available for the Kindle, and I know the literary world will be agog. Or something very close to “agog.”

You’ll see!

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