Want to Know What Dogs REALLY Think?

Perdita WhacknoodleIf you, dear human, want to know what dogs really think, you can find out, because my first two books are now available for the Kindle (and Kindle apps). Since I don’t actually read, I’m not exactly sure what those things are, but my scribe seems quite happy about it.

He is SO happy that he has temporarily lost his mind anPerdita's Book on Kindle Fired made the books insanely cheap. That means you can get inside, secret dog information about the beautiful language of Bark, read one of my psychologer case studies, learn about the protective value of dirt . . . and read many, many exciting stories of my most unusual relatives.

The stories about my swashbuckling father, Par Whack, will leave you begging for more, as you learn how he stole a garbage truck all by himself, joined the Thanksgiving Pageant at the school and nabbed a golden-brown turkey, got a hole in one with Mr. Wimpy’s golf ball, and created a shockingly colorful spectacle with fruits and vegetables at the Fourth of July Pageant.

(For some reason, most of Par’s adventures end in a big police chase, but Par ALWAYS wins. In fact, you can even read about what happened to the evil dogcatcher’s truck the Par Whack, the "Most Wanted Dog"night I was born. It is very, very exciting, and you’ll understand why Par is the “Most Wanted Dog” by authorities everywhere.)

The humans say my books are funny–but I know they are wise and deep. If you have a Kindle, check out my books. You probably don’t have any others BY dogs in your collection . . . do you?

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