A Word About Mr. Wimpy and Par

When you read my books, you will soon learn about Mr. Wimpy, the principal of the school Mr. Wimpy, Par's nemisisin Dahlonegee. He is sort of fat, and very pompous, and he does NOT like dogs.

That, of course, means that we dogs do NOT like him.

Par, my adventurous father, decided to join the jolly Thanksgiving Pageant at school because he knew the Pigeons and Indians would have had a friendly dog, but Mr. Wimpy stormed up on the stage and tried to catch Par.

Of course, THAT was a mistake, and soon the police, Farmer and other people were chasing him while the children cheered for Par. Not only did Par’s exciting part make the play more entertaining, but it gave him a chance to demonstrate some of our sophisticated escape techniques.

Chaos at the Thanksgiving PageantYou’ll be amazed to find out how the story ends, and what made Par happiest of all (even more than the Thanksgiving turkey, if you can believe it!). It’s called The Thanksgiving Pageant of Doom, but it’s only one of the many stories about my illustrious dog family in my first book.

Some humans say my kindle books are funny, but I think they are wise and exciting.

What do you think?

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