What Are These People Telling You About My Book?

Here are some direct quotes from Amazon reviews for my book, The World According to Perdita Whacknoodle: Two Christmas Stories

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerThis is what readers say about my third book. It makes me such a happy dog that I didn’t even fix their spelling! I love my readers and I’ll give them a huge lick of happiness and a power-wag when I meet them.

(And, oh yes, I DO make up words. I creatify and de-borify the English language because my words are better. You’ll see!)

the dog didn’t really know any words like the people in the awesome story of imagination

and thank you for the story

My kids and I really love all of the Perdita Whacknoodle stories

Sure to enjoy at any age.

much imagination as well as interesting vocabulary

This book would be wonderful for children but even as an adult I loved it. It made me Perdita Whacknoodle Christmas Book Coverlaugh and that is not an easy thing to do. I would even call this book a “joyful read!”

I especially loved Perdita’s malaprops, and the lunatic adventures of her Par

Loved it. Wish I had a dog like that. Amazing!!!!!!

This book is a very good book. What I like about this book is it shares a lot of detail with u and opens up with the reader in so many ways

Very funny i liked it a lot i luv explosions and guns it was also cool how Laura could here perditas thoughts

don’t think it is long enough for me I want more Christmas disasters from Pereira and par

My child liked this book because he loved Perditas words and language. It was funny enough for my hyperactive monkey to stick around and listen to the whole book.

it wasn’t boring or slow. Thanks.

5.0 out of 5 stars The greatest book ever,

I love this book a lot

I would love to read all the books she has out.The Twelve Dogs of Christmas Canine Carol Singers

I love this book!
It is awesome!
I hope that I can read the rest of the series!

Farmer Puts a Wrath on His Tractor. . . clever wordplay will remind you of what you loved in Lewis Carroll and Dr. Seuss, and the playful illustrations are of that top quality, too. Delight yourself and a young loved one with this charming, whacky book.

It’s funny, the life lessons are clear, and any dog lover has seen a little bit of Perdita in every pooch they own.

Want to see what these readers are talking about? You can, for less than a dollar! Click here to enjoy my two Christmas chapters before another minute passes. (If you like to laugh, that is.)

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  1. Sandra Gibson says:

    Excellent post, Perdita!

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