Garbage Trucks, Tractors, and Trains–To Go!

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerIf you’ve read my books, you know all about my swashbuckling, adventurous, criminal father, Par Whack, who is proudly featured on “Most Par Whack, the "Most Wanted Dog"Wanted Dog” signs everywhere. He’s wanted by police, sheriffs, and evil dogcatchers, and maybe even the FBI.

Par refuses to be bored, so from time to time he borrows a large vehicle for excitement. Some call it “stealing,” but that’s such a harsh word. Par always has a purpose in mind. Always.

The World According to Perdita Whacknoodle: The Flying Watermelon of DoomIn my second book, The World According to Perdita Whacknoodle: The Flying Watermelon of Doom, there’s an exciting story about the time Par stole a big garbage truck. You probably didn’t know a dog could do that, but nothing is too hard for Par. Nothing!

Now that I have struck out on my own and no longer live in the country with Farmer’s family, I don’t see Par very often, but he is legendary. Of course, I keep up with his exploits and adventures through the evening Bark-around newscast. Par is often the lead item.

That’s why I was so excited to see a human news story on TV about someone stealing a TRAIN in Sweden. I’m not exactly sure where “Sweden” is, or exactly what it might be, and I don’t think Par was involved this time, but if he saw the story I’m SURE the wheels are turning in his brain.

Mine, too. You can expect an exciting chapter in a future book featuring a freight train, roaring down the track, with a very happy dog at the controls, leaning casually out the window, ears flying in the breeze, tongue hanging out, smiling and waving at the astonished humans.

That will be Par. Stay tuned! He may not have been involved with the train theft in Sweden, but he’ll be behind one in an upcoming book in my series. You can count on that!

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