If They’d Do This to a Human, We Dogs Better Watch Out!

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerMy human scribe and I were walking through the neighborhood when we spotted this demolished sign in the middle of the road.

According to my scribe, it says

State Law: Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalk

Or, at least that’s what it said before some human zooming down the street ran over the sign! So much for being careful.

This made me think. (Well, of course, everything makes me think. That’s why I am a dog writer.)

If the humans are in such a hurry that they have to run over their own signs, goodness knows what they’d do to a human who happened to be crossing the street.

Or . . . I can hardly bear to think about it . . . to an unfortunate dog. smashed pedestrian sign in middle of road

Humans are odd. We all know that, and when you read the stories in my books, you’ll see many examples of human nuttiness.

And now, lying in the middle of the street, is evidence of dangerous they can be. So, attention dogs! Watch out for the crazy humans driving the big cars.

Unlike dogs, who stop to smell the roses along the way, these humans are crazily careening through life, looking not to the right or the left.

And, judging by this smashed sign, not looking at the road in front of them, either.

We are warned! On guard!

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