“TGIF??” What Difference Does THAT Make?

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerI’ve noticed another funny thing about humans.

They seem very interested, almost obsessed, with what day of the week it is. I have heard them say things like, “Oh, no–it’s Monday!” Is there something wrong with Monday?

Or, they have a name for Wednesday. I believe they call it “Hump Day,” though I am not going to ask why. I believe they are happy that it is the middle of the week, for some reason.

And, then, of all things, they have a code that all humans seem to understand. They say, “TGIF!” and they smile at each other. Sometimes they even whap their hands together to show how happy they are.

FINALLY, when the “weekend” finally arrives, they are very happy. The plan things or they sleep late. Dog's weekend plansThey go out to movies or go on trips. It seems like “weekends” are a big deal to humans.

But NOT to us dogs. It’s just another way we are superior to humans, of course, because to dogs, every day is like a Saturday!

Or Sunday. Take your pick.

So when we hear humans moaning, saying things like , “Oh, I HATE Monday mornings,” we just marvel. WE don’t hate Monday mornings!

To us dogs, Monday is just another Saturday!

Poor humans. Happy dogs!

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