Could Reading My Books Save Your Furniture? I Think So!

Perdita Whacknoodle, dog poet and dog writerI keep my eyes open as I go about my daily life, and gather material for my books, and for this blog, of course.

I am an especially observant dog.

So, when I saw this displayed, it made me think.

While I, personally, do not feel bad at all about my living situation, I know that many dogs feel trapped by the unaware, sadly limited, humans they live with. If humans would simply open their minds and eyes (and brains, of course) to the wisdom of the dog . . . we could all be happier. Going Insane WEB

Since I am a dog writer, I spend my time thinking, and working on my next book. I find fulfillment in helping humans, educating them, uplifting them, and perhaps (they say) even entertaining them.

So, I do NOT feel bad when a human gives me a squeak toy. I realize, sadly, that it just shows their limited imagination.

If only . . . if only they would read my books and learn to see the world from our point of view . . . well, everyone would be happier! The dogs in your life would be much less frustrated, I’m sure.

And, who knows? Perhaps some furniture might be saved!

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1 Response to Could Reading My Books Save Your Furniture? I Think So!

  1. Sandra Gibson says:

    You’re very observant, Perdita.

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