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Isn’t It Nice To Think So?

As a prolific dog author, I am always alert to what is going on around me. I believe it’s much like the way Mr. Hemingway or Mr. William Faulkner gathered their material. Watching and listening. And thinking, of course. So, … Continue reading

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Could Reading My Books Save Your Furniture? I Think So!

I keep my eyes open as I go about my daily life, and gather material for my books, and for this blog, of course. I am an especially observant dog. So, when I saw this displayed, it made me think. … Continue reading

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Happy New Ear? I HOPE So!

As your dog author and commentator, I try to point out odd things that humans do. Of course, there are SO many odd human things that I hardly know where to begin, but I will point out what I have … Continue reading

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Would a Dog Steal 800 Bags Of Dog Food?

Would a dog steal 800 bags of dog food? I think not! For one thing, why would we want it? I was perusing the news today and saw the alarming story that someone–humans, I assume–had stolen 800 bags of dog … Continue reading

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