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SOME Humans Get It—I Have Proof!

You know I am a dog-author (and a famous one, I should add). But I do depend on my lowly human scribe to do the trivial part—the mere typing and all that easy stuff. I continue to do the hard … Continue reading

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I’m a Dog—So Why Do I Write Books?

I have heard humans mutter about my writing. They wonder why I do it, and some of them even think that I do NOT really compose my own works! Imagine! Did Eudora Welty have to endure such comments? Does John … Continue reading

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Why This Dog Loves the Weekend

My translator and I have been discussing my love for the weekend. And my excitement at Christmastime. He says I am a lazy dog and that weekends are no different to me than any other day. Now, how would HE … Continue reading

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